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"I am a homeowner in Los Altos Hills. Max did a substantial addition to our house 10 years ago. It was a complicated addition because the house is on a hillside and a lot of foundation work was required. Max and his team did an excellent job. We are very happy with the addition and there have been no problems with the construction. We also enjoyed working with Max. I would definitely hire Max again if I need home construction or remodeling."

George 408-718-0147

I’m a 10 year home owner in Los Altos.
In 2014, I hired Max to seismically stabilize and aesthetically upgrade my 2 story, 2600 square foot house with a construction budget approaching $400K.
Seismically, the work included pouring new foundation walls, erecting new internal shear walls, installing various hold-downs, bracing, & strapping, and building additional framing & shear.
Aesthetically, he installed new doors & windows (changed some openings and added new ones), replaced all siding, hung new interior doors (changed some openings), & opened a couple non-structural walls to improve sight-lines and flow.
As one can imagine, at the start, there was a lot of trepidation on my part. I interviewed 3 highly regarded construction firms – each offered unique ideas and proposals. I chose Max because he promised to be on site and perform the work himself, offered assurances that he would handle any surprises that came his way, and conveyed both an enthusiasm for the project and a realistic assessment of the amount of work involved.
Over the 6 months of the project, I worked closely with Max and appreciated his dedication (he worked nearly every day on the job), work quality (never once did my architect or county inspector demand corrective action), adaptability (as you can imagine with a 60 year old house, surprises arose during the project that required immediate adjustments), and cleverness (there were several times that my architect adopted Max’s solutions as his own).
Never once did I feel that Max took the easy way… Often times, he brought up issues with the old construction – only for me to discover that he had previously corrected them on the spot without any fuss.
Max is an accomplished builder, and his structural engineering background was a major plus in this project. There were several times that I needed to rely on Max’s judgement – finding an abandoned septic tank at the landing of new entrance staircase, discovering dry rot & termite damage at several locations, uncovering previous poor construction and/or overloaded structural elements. In all cases, Max proposed a reasonable & efficient solution (often times in conjunction with my architect) that resolved the issue.
I am extremely pleased with outcome of the project. Everyone who sees the results can’t believe it’s the same place. And, with a new family, I am very confident that we are secure with the installed upgraded seismic technology.
To conclude, I would whole-heartedly hire Max again - He started as my contractor and ended as a trusted family friend!
Good luck on your project
John on Quinnhill

I had worked with a number of contractors until I met Max many years ago (sometimes in late 1990s). Ever since then, however, Max has been involved in all my projects in California, whether it was brand new construction, additions, or renovations. I was fed up with all the low ball estimates that I would get from a contractor and as the construction proceeded, the cost would increase substantially since the contractor knew that I had no choice but to accept.

This is all before working with Max, as he thoroughly goes through the details of the project and points out potential obstacles before the contract is signed. I don't know of many contractors who are also experienced structural engineers and safety and the integrity of the structure is their prime focus,. Max worked as a structural engineer for many years before he started his construction company and he makes safety of the structure his priority. He is truly the most knowledgeable contractor that I have ever worked with, to the extent that I hired him a couple of months ago to fly to Honolulu and consult me with construction of a multi-family project that is still under construction.

Although I am working with a local contractor (just because Max is not licensed in state of Hawaii), His advice has been priceless and I continue calling him with many questions and he always makes himself available. I doubt that there are many professionals in this field that possess the entire package of honesty, knowledge, experience, attention to details, and above all delivering on all their promises. Max Parsa is definitely an exception and I recommend him full-heartedly.

Shad @ 818-590-4310


" I have worked with Max over fifteen years now and on several new/remodeled residential projects, both as a contractor and a structural engineer. Max has the qualities I look for in a contractor- he's a hands-on jack of all trades. This also makes him an expert supervisor and organizer. Max does a very thorough job critiquing my drawings during bidding, which gives me comfort and peace of mind during the construction phase. He is meticulous from the ground up. His care during the framing stage translates to precision installations in the finishing stages. I highly recommend him to all my new clients."

Guy Ayers, Architect 650-949-2255
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